Monday, May 18, 2009


Now Since I've been puppy less, I haven't been the best at getting over to everyone's blog to read updates, let alone make sure that my links to a PR blog are correct. I know I need to correct some of them, but would someone mind letting me know if you see one that needs to be changed from a different dog and whatnot? I would so appreciate it! It just sucks to get behind and not up to date on the different blogs. Been trying real hard, but maybe not enough.

Thank You guys so much! It would mean alot.

Sarah and the clan


raiserally said...

kk, I'll try /wink/ CCI- Coreena is now JLAD - Coreena and Evett
CCI - Madison and Andros is now Madison and Butler, CCI - Oswego is now CCI - Hercules, DGC - Fielder is graduated, Truman CC'ed, Blitz CC'ed, Oceana is now Catalina (Oceana CC'ed), Lawrence graduated (new pup soon), Hobbs CC'ed, Spike CC'ed (Kelsey has Burgess and Tahoe along with Emily), Kimora is now Morris, Megan has Fullerton, Taelor has Pilaf and Franklin IFT, I am with JLAD and have Eola, Erin is with WSD and has random SDITs, Brax graduated and new pup coming soon, LW cc'ed /wink/ I think that's all. Not to overwhelm you or anything

Brittany said...

Mine is a different address now! It is

Erin,Bubs,Tex and Ben said...

The Erin & Rei link stays the same, but I don't have Midnight anymore...but lots of dogs coming through as you know :D

Madison and Andros said...

Mine is:

CCI: Madison & Butler III
You can leave Andros(AT) if you want!

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