Sunday, June 07, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun

I know this is late, but I can't help it! There is no excuse it's just that I'm busy, forget, not enough time, etc... I suppose if I had a puppy of my own it would updated alot more :)

So for the Memorial day weekend, I spent it with KSDS puppyraisers! Nothing better right? :)
We first headed up to Northern Iowa (where I'm from!) and stayed with a fellow puppy raiser so that Lisa and Ellie could go visit her first dog, Runza who is now a guide dog. She had a great time spending the day with them. I stayed at the puppyraisers house we were visiting and I wasn't alone. Want to know why? cause I was puppysitting.........none other than Ellie's brother, Doniphan!!! His puppy raiser was on vacation so I volunteered to take him. He is awesome! Love him to death, he is really good with other dogs and people, overall great.

After Lisa and Ellie got back, we headed to a cabin on a local river to eat and make s'mores, of course ;) That was neat for the dogs, they had various animal pelts and stuffed wildlife throughout the cabin so that was neat. The dogs took to running up and down the stairs :)

Doniphan and I on the stairs of the cabin,

The next morning, Sunday, we left for eastern Iowa to attend a big puppyraiser gathering. I was so excited, not only to see everyone, but guess who came? Cobra and his partner, Beth!!! Cobra looked great and just had a blast with all the other dogs. He and Doniphan even played together.

Ellie (L) Doniphan and Cobra

Baby Fleetwood lying by Doni. Fleetwood is from the Cadillac Litter

Here I am playing tug with Ellie

3 of the Kansas County Litter were present: Republic (L) Ellsworth (Ellie) and Doniphan

This group shot was taken after 5 or so dogs had already gone. We didn't think of doing it until later ;) L to R: Tango,Houlihan,Weber (brother to Miriam's Mosier) Chesney, Cobra, Doniphan, Mimosa and Ellie.

Beth, Cobra and I. For those of you unsure, I raised Cobra who is now a Service dog in Iowa
After the big get together, we decided to take a few of the PIT's to the local park for distraction and socialization work. They did great! A few barked at some of those scary statues, ya know, the ones that don't move ;) other than that, it was perfect, they did great.

Doniphan by the Clam Man statue.

Doni and I testing out the water. Not really, wanted to test his reaction the the water. A little scared, but snapped out of it quickly. I really wanted to get on the boat behind us. Very nice!
It was a great weekend! On Monday, we went to Beth and Cobra's to let the dogs take a break from all the driving, in their backyard. It was on the way, and they had a blast!
Again, it was a great weekend, wouldn't have missed it for the world!! Glad I had a puppy to take otherwise I would have that naked feeling ;) You guys know what I mean, right?

Doniphan in front of the county he was named after :)


Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! Had so much fun with you and Doniphan! So glad you two could make it! I LOVE the photo of him with his county! :D

Better get you the photos of this weekend! :D

Kimberly and Rufus said...

Very cool, long weekend. What better way to spend it then with other dogs?