Thursday, July 09, 2009

4th Of July Festivities

Our 4th Of July celebration consisted of a parade, carnival, cookout then fireworks.
Actually, the celebration started on Thursday when most of my family (9 adults and 8 kids) floated down a local river for almost 6 hours. It was fun, I hadn't done it in several years and now that I'm older, I enjoyed it even more. I had several cows cross the river in front of me and almost hit one! Had to paddle out and away, but I survived :)

Friday was just kind of a hang out day and then that night, we set off some of the fireworks I bought in Missouri (Fireworks are illegal in Iowa) There were pretty awesome, except that one tipped over and shot into our woods! We panicked for a minute, but after checking it out and seeing that there was no fire started, we lit some more :)

Friday Morning I got up early and me and my niece headed to the parade route to save seats. It was packed! More packed than in recent years. Not very many people were there, but almost all the spots were taken up and down main street. we surprisingly found a good spot on a corner and it turned out very nice. It was a lucky break. The parade started at 10 and lasted till almost 12. Doniphan did excellent! No problems with the sirens and guns being shot off, the only things is he is very sniffy. He would rather sniff the ground that care about being startled with noises.

After the parade, we went straight to the carnival. Boy, I really wished I would have brought his Gentle Leader. Every minute it seemed like I was telling him to leave it, no sniff, or mind his business! Since I haven't had him for that long, I'm finding out all of his little habits, and in this case, BIG habits. I now know what I need to work on with him in addition to his retrieving commands (he lacks in that department too)
He did great with all the rides and noises and such. Like I said, he could care less about all that stuff, it was the crumbs and smells he wanted :)

Here he's posing in front of a ride that basically goes around in circles. My Brother and two nieces were in there when I took it, but as you can see, it was too fast :(

My Sister-in-law thought it would be neat to put the hat on that she bought for one of her girls, on Doni. He didn't know what to think of it, but surprisingly, he stayed. I was impressed!

On Friday night we shot of more of those illegal fireworks. We usually go to see them, but since we had so many of our own, we decided to stay home and enjoy them. Again, no problems, he could care less. I brought him out and he was really interested in my parent's chickens, not the noises. Oh well, animal distractions are a big one for him that we will need to work on.

We had a good 4th and I'm glad I had a leash in my hand to participate in the activities again with :)


Kimberly and Rufus said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I wish we had a parade here for the 4th. Loved doing that when we spent the summers in KC, that was very much pre-Rufus.

Madison and Butler said...

It is always great to have a leash in hand again! Glad you had a great holiday weekend! :)

Lisa and Ellie said...

Wanna hear a funny story - my coworker's niece was at those festivities too (I guess they were there for fun) and said she saw you and Doni. Well, said she saw a girl with a black dog and a blue vest. I kinda assumed the rest! *wink*

Yay for pics! Love the hat one!