Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doniphan Turns 1!!

Saturday was Doniphan's birthday! He turned one and we did a few things to celebrate, but will post on that after I upload the pics :)

I sometimes think that he's older and should know alot more and then forget that he still is really young. Finishing out an older dog has it's pro's and con's. One con being that he came with a particular mindset, differing from Cobra's, and that he'll have to adapt to my teaching and training methods :) I'm optimistic! After all, I've only had him 2 months, he's bound to learn something from me, right?


Lisa and Ellie said...

I'm thrilled to report Cobra enjoyed celebrating Doniphan's (& Ellie's *wink*) birthday by chasing his tail! I laughed so hard... reminded me of the good ole days! :D

Emily and the Labradors said...

Happy belated birthday Doni!!!