Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Day of Work

On Friday was Doniphan's first day of work at Tractor Supply, and unlike Cobra, I actually got photos of it!
I started work at 12 and was only going to have him stay for 4 hours. I wanted to ease him into it and to see if he would have any major problems. He impressed me! He did wonderful! He was quiet, stayed by my side, and left things alone when I told him to. I did have him wear the gentle leader because I wasn't sure how he would do. I'm sure having that on helped, because he is a very nosy dog, likes to sniff everything.
We do need to work on a faster down. He almost pouts when he has to lay down and if I push on his neck or pull down on the GL, the front end goes down, but not the back. So it looks as if he's bowing. I'm sure after daily repetition of doing it 18 million times (and he was getting better at the end) he will improve. Since It was going so well, I decided to keep him the full 8 hours.
He layed in the spot Cobra used to, by the registers, and let me do my work. He didn't seem affected by the doors opening and closing not 10 feet from him and the people walking through them.
He also did great out on the floor when I was helping customers. There is one thing I've noticed and that's with going to two restaurants, two movies, and one business meeting is that he whines and fidgets when people are stationary. If everyone is moving, doing their own thing, he could care less. Yet if we are sitting, or people are quite and he has to be at my feet, he get antsy and whines like he needs to go potty. After attending a business meeting after work, It hit me that that's what it is. He didn't do it horribly bad there, but my conclusion is that he was so pooped that he couldn't help but go to sleep.
As I work with him more, and get to know him, there are traits and reactions that pop through and as with any puppy raiser team, we just learn to get past those days and make the next one a more productive and a better learning experience.
Overall I am very pleased with him and am glad I was given the chance to raise him :)

His designated spot. That's where cobra would lay, more curled up in a ball, but what cha going to do?

Fast asleep

There's no real significance to this pic, it's just that I always have to organize these toy racks and thought I would get a pic of them halfway organized :)

Here we are unloading freight. the cart on the left is one of many that I have to do on freight nights.

Posing in front of my side of the checkout lanes. By now he was sooo tired!!

I was pricing our log splitters the the left and Doni was happy enough to pose for me :)

Here he is in front of the store. Something caught his interest cause I got him air sniffing! No sniff!


Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY - and he's wearing his badge! :D (thought I wouldn't notice huh?!) ha ha! He's definitely his sister's brother with all that sniffing. Looks like he did great though! YAY for pictures and for Doni being so good he could stay the full 8 hrs! :D

Kimberly and Rufus said...

It sounds like he did really well for all that time. I'd be tired too after 8 hours.