Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last Saturday, Doni and I made the trip up to Minnesota. Some of my nieces were celebrating their birthdays on Sunday, and since I had to work, I went up there Saturday to spend the day with them. I took Doni and he got to play with Jasmine (Tara's sister), Maggie and Molly (my nieces dogs) and Libby (the Golden next door) Molly and Maggie would prefer it if Doni left them alone, but being the dog he is and not paying attention to body language, he went right up to them asking "Hey! You guys want to play?" He got nipped at a few times, so he would wait a little bit than attempt it again....Oh well, He'll learn in time.

Libby is a beautiful, red, Golden retriever color. She is such a good happy go lucky dog and she loved Doni! They played for awhile ;)

Another thing that Doni loved to do is run along side of me in their ATV. He would run, run, and run some more, and then run even more. He has a habit of not learning when to quit and I was a bit worried He would literally run himself sick, so I had to take some breaks.

I got a video of him doing a run and I got it up to 30 mph one time and he was right next to me! But that was when we first started :) He got tired pretty quick.

I had my niece with me if you were wondering who that extra pair of feet and voice were ;)

Another thing, halfway through the video he does a funny thing with his feet and trips but quickly recovers to where you can barely notice it. He is so lanky I don't think he knows where his feet are yet.


Kimberly and Rufus said...

That video is a trip LOL

Lisa and Ellie said...

Oh, that's hilarious!!!! He's super duper funny. That video so reminds me of ELlie...