Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It Clicked!

There are those days when you think they can never make it, yet there are a few days when things begin to click. You see gears spinning and light bulbs going off that you just want to sing!
Well at work today, was one of those days. Back story, He's not all tat great on retrieving and by that I mean he hasn't been taught :) He'll retrieve his toys, but not interested in anything else. Well today, I dropped a metal hanger that was used for a reset I was doing in one of the aisles and I asked him to get it. He refused, like I thought he would. I then skipped the "get it" step and put it in his mouth and worked on "hold it" I held his mouth closed and we walked a few steps and then released. I continued saying "hold it" and wouldn't ya know?! He continued to hold it! I was so amazed! I remained calm (I really wanted to jump up and down) and told him once more as we walked a few more steps. I had him sit and "give" the hanger. I've never been more excited! He got so much praise that we also had to work on the command "settle" :)

So for kicks, I thought I would repeat the process again. I asked him to get it as I dropped it which he did!!!!! and hold it, which he did!!!! I didn't need to put my hand on his mouth at all!! We then walked to the back room and through the warehouse (which is quite a few steps) all while holding it. I then took a risk (I was just so proud, wanted to see how far he would go) and had him do a few sits and downs.......he did!!!!!! Oh I was just so estactic!!

After that, I was in the warehouse doing things next to the dock. A semi was backing down it and he got to watch that happen all within a few feet from him. Heard air brakes release, the back end slamming into the dock ( I think he backed up too much, oh well ) things like that.The man then got out, was interested in Doni so we talked a minute, then he got the forklift out and preceded to unload things. Doni didn't mind at all. Didn't even phase him.

Yeah, it was one of those days where it was like wow!! You may make it! Want to know the funny thing? That morning he was being a total stinker and not listening to me at all. Oh how those puppies minds work, especially the ones with a purpose :)


Kimberly and Rufus said...

wow, good job pup!

Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY Doni!!! Happy Dance!!! :D

Taelor and Pilaf said...

It is just so exciting my pups finally understand tings! And some dogs it takes FOREVER, too. Great job boy!!! =D