Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Niece!!

Yesterday, after work, Doniphan and I headed up to Minnesota to see my niece. Jordyn Rae was born early on August 25th and weighed 7lbs 6oz. Some of you may be thinking, how many nieces and nephews do you have? well to be honest, Jordyn is the 11th........niece. Yeah you heard right, no nephews, just nieces. :) We are surrounded by girls.

Anyway, I met my mom at the hospital, who was watching all three girls and we headed up to see Jordyn. At first I wasn't sure what the situation with Doniphan would be, so my mom held onto him in the waiting room while I went into the room for abit. I got this picture when I came back. I'm Doniphan was a bit confused :)

After seeing how nice the nurses and doctors were with Doniphan, I decided to take him into the room. My sister didn't mind, but I kept him bu the door. Didn't want him over by Jordyn just in case he had some weird disease that adults are immune to but babies aren't (I know, but wanted Jordyn to stay healthy) Doniphan was excellent! He stayed in a down/stay by the door and didn't get up at all. He was so interested in the voice that was coming from the rolling cart.

After a little bit in the room, My mom, the nieces and I went shopping while we let my sister rest a bit. I took this photo by the hospital windows. Not too good of a picture, but the windows were kind of cool! all tinted!
We are all loaded up, in the van, to head to my favorite store.....Kohl's!!!!! I really love that store! Almost everything I own comes from that store.....I love it.

After we came back to the hospital I took a video of Doniphan and how he reacted to Jordyn crying. He tilted his head so cute like, it was a hoot! Sorry the quality isn't good, but the room was dark :(


Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY Congratulations on the niece!!! WOW - 11 girls. And, Kudos on getting pictures up too!!! I like the one of Doni and your mom - I bet he was confused! Sounds like he does much better around the kiddos than his little sister! He could teach her a thing or two!

Kimberly and Rufus said...

Congrats on your new niece. :-)