Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cruising In Style

Since Mr. Vance-A-Loo had to go to the vet to "remove his manhood" and Adam's vehicles were all in the shop, guess what we drove?

That's right, 1977 Corvette :) Vance wasn't too impressed cause I had it started when I took this pic and the noise of the engine was a bit much, he wasn't too scared after he sat by it for a minute, and ran around it.

He fit on the floor nicely cause of his size. Doni also got to ride in it (one of the first times Adam met Doni) and he was a large dog who could squeeze into places very well. After some plunging and moving limbs around, lol, he fit!!
While waiting for Vance to be done at the Vet, I got to cruise around town with it :) AWESOME!! Had to decline a race with someone, cause the breaks aren't up to par lol!! For those of you that know me, very much a tomboy who like to compete, especially with boys. Just my character :)
The car needed some needed repairs to it but we got home safe and sound. Of course the next day, Adam took it to work (works at a dealership) and had wires, and spark plugs and a bunch of other things done to it so now it goes super charged fast. Of course he replaced them AFTER my trip, I think he knew I would get in trouble with that much power, who knows.
But we had a fun day. well I did. Vance was a bit too drowsy to remember, but now is recovering nicely. Tomorrow we are going to Phoenix, AZ and I think I will take him. He is so eager to get out and about and his incision looks good. We shall see :)

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