Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day At The Fair

So Saturday we went to the fair, as promised, and got the opportunity to meet and see alot of cool things. It was also really hot that day so lots of water was in store for both of us :)

Vance is doing a nice heel, although by this time he was starting to slow down cause the heat and I had to entice him to walk up beside me. good thing I brought treats!! Normally he doesn't get them, but I've been using them to work on a few things with him and then once he knows them, we will wean off the treats.

The funniest part about this trip was the livestock barn. The goats were enthralled with Vance! It was so funny to see all heads just staring and trying to get a closer look at him! Vance just looked at them like he was big stuff, kind of funny actually :)

All trying to get a closer look, these three especially, wish I would have gotten a better one with all the goats, but these three were funny.

As you can tell by the picture, by this time he was pooped. He didn't even know the chickens were above him and when I pointed them out, he just plopped back on the floor. We stayed there a bit to let him cool down, it definitely was cool in there!

Yeah lots and LOTS of water stops. Refilled a water bottle twice! poor guy was so thirsty :(
They also had a Safari exhibit, it was small, but they had a Kangaroo, a turtle, parrots, snakes, scorpions, porcupine and a few other little things. Vance wasn't really interested in those, but the turtle! Oh my he loved watching the turtle!
Just looked at the porcupine, didn't mind him though.

Loved the sounds the parrot made, but could never figure out where it was coming from! He was so confused! lol poor Vance. all in all it was a good day with lots of things for Vance and I to see and do. I had fun and I know he did! Especially when all those kids came over to pet him, I know he loved it :)


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

What a fun day! Great training opportunities...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list, I'm sure Alfie appreciates the support!
:-) We're following yours too now so we can keep up to date.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Great job Vance-a-roo!!! Looks like you had a nice time!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Looks like a fun day!
Toby really enjoyed our animals.