Wednesday, April 14, 2010

THE Surgery!

I have lots of pics to show everyone, but my camera is currently in a car that isn't here right now, so I have to wait a bit :(

Vance had his appointment yesterday, THE appointment, they took the chance away from him to become a man lol! Poor guy, yet he is doing well. He was of course, groggy last night but this morning he is back to his normal, wiggly, jumpy self. That also means that until he is healed, he will need to be in his crate, he just gets so excited so easily that I'm afraid he'll rip the incision open.

I was researching vets around my area and think I found a really good one! Both him and the vet assistant were really nice, explained things well, and were really thorough on everything! Nice to know. Told them about my 4 other dogs I had and said I would be back!

Will definitely have to show pics of the car I had to drive. Adam and I are only sharing one car right now cause his other two are in the was his 1977 Corvette! That car isn't quite up to par to driving long distances, but we made it! Tried overheating on me once, the brakes were slowly going out and the tires are bad, so was worried I would have a flat.
BUT, we arrived home all in one piece :) Did some shopping and touring of both California and Arizona.


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Oh, I hope Vance recovers easily. Cabana recuperated very quickly from her surgery and never tried to lick her incision. Hope the same will be true for Vance!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Here's to a fast recovery! Glad you made it home and all in one piece.