Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Here!

Today was the day....WHAT!? You don't know?! Well let me tell you

AVATAR CAME OUT ON DVD TODAY!! I went to see that movie twice, once in regular and the other in 3-D and it is an amazing movie!! In fact, Doni went to see it those two times so I guess you could say he is a fan too :)
Off we headed, Vance and I, to the store to get that and you all know that any outing with a PIT involves a camera. I start taking pics of Vance and an employee walks over, nicest lady ever, and offers to take some pics of us together. You all know that when you want the dogs to look at the camera, they don't, so this was my best shot, cause I really didn't want to tell the lady to keep taking pictures until it's perfect (non-puppy raisers just don't know :)

Also got some single ones of him standing by the DVD cutout stand. He did so well in Wal-Mart!

The only thing, which I thought was hilarious, was he was nervous around the milk coolers. Something about them he didn't like, so up and down the aisle we went until he was much more relaxed. Still was a tad cautious, but after smelling the doors and licking them (hopefully the employees didn't see that, tried to let him experience all aspects of it, but quickly) he became calmer and worked by them. Could have been the reflection, or the cooler motor, just not sure. We now know what we have to work on :) Who knew milk coolers were scary. It's interesting what each thing the dogs pick to be scared of.
Did anyone else have an odd thing the dogs were scared of?


Sarah and Vance said...

I'm sorry Coreena! Hit reject comment instead of accept :( If your wondering why you don't see your comment on here.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I haven't seen Avatar yet, I will have to put it on our Netflix queue.

Cabana was afraid of refrigerated sections in stores, too! I think it must have to do with the hum or vibrations of the motor or cold air drifting down. Or maybe the floor in front of coolers is warmer/colder. Cabana's reactions would vary, sometimes a lot more hesitant, sometimes completely unfazed. I never did find out exactly what it was that affected her.

Coreena, Eva and Charlie said...

LOL! It's ok. I forgot what I said beyond I love AVATAR! Vance is sooo cute!

Ally, Eclipse, Teddy and Kira said...

He's so cute and Avatar is amazing! I'm a total Avatar junky, I even played the video game! ;-)

Eclipse had a lot of random fears although I never noticed him being afraid of refrigerated sections of stores but then again he wasn't a big fan of public so maybe he was... I remember him being afraid of dogs behind fences, garbage can bags and stuffed animals in a bin. I know there were others, those are just the ones I recall!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Nice photos - and how cool you got an employee to take a pic of the two of you. That's the hard part... getting pics of me and the dogs together!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Haven't seen Avatar yet, really want to though!

Vance looks great in those pictures!

My first dog was great around everything - but one day, in the house, he freaked out at the blue ribbon sitting on the counter... no idea why!

Toby's Raiser