Thursday, November 11, 2010

The day after our wedding, we did some sightseeing and we went on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot tour! That was really fun and interesting. I got to hear about some of my favorite movies and shows and we even got a privileged invitation to go into the "The Big Bang Theory" studio audience area. There were no audience there, but if we were apart of, that is where we would sit. They were building a new set so they had a few hours to let tours in the area, otherwise, it's closed off.

I got a few pictures, but a good chunk of the tour was off limits to cameras. they even took your cameras and locked them in this box in the tour wagon we rode on.

It was a neat wagon, and it sat 12. It was basically a glorified gold cart. Vance didn't freak out or anything on it, he was slightly cautious at first, but nothing major and he got accustomed to it as we went on. ***See video below***

Vance: "Daffy who?"

Here we are loading up on the tour wagon and Vance is all ready to go!

"Mmm, smells good!"

I was curious if he would react to the Scooby, but he did nothing, so I'm proud of him

I am a HUGE fan of The Dukes of Hazzard. I saw the General Lee (the Orange car) and freaked! One day I will own my '69 dodge Charger!

The original Batmobile

The new Batmobile. They were going to crate it up and send it out within the month to be used in the next Batman movie. The cool thing is, this thing actually runs and drives and it goes up to 120 mph! I just wanted to drive it out of there and test it out. Only problem is, each wheel is separately steered, so I would have to teach Vance how to help me, ha ha!

Last but not least, the famous WB water tower. I almost missed it and the tour guide actually had to back up cause he was babbling on about something else, ha ha

The video of Vance riding the tour wagon.

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Kimberly and Abby said...

I always enjoyed that tour at Universal Orlando. Looks like you guys had fun, too.