Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day and a One Year Old

The special thing about Vance is he was born so close to Veterans Day, that they decided to name his litter after Military Bases. Vance is for Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

So Vance turned one on Nov. 10th. Now true, the next day was Veterans Day, but we did a few special things. Oh and another good thing about the 10th is that it is Adam and I's one month anniversary :)

Vance has been with me for a year now and oh the changes both him and I have been through.
I picked him up in January, the same day I turned Doni in, and I can't believe I was given the chance to raise again, that I was blessed with another pup to change and improve my life for the better. With each dog I raise, I always learn more about the program, about the people, about me and just life in general.
With that said, it is because of our Veterans that I am allowed the freedom to raise and be out in public via the ADA.
Thank you Veterans for so much you have done and continue to do.
Vance and I thank you, from the bottom of our hearts

He looks like such a puppy here, but I love the wording "Freedom" and the Air Force jet.

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Erin and Co. said...

Happy Birthday Vance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!