Monday, December 27, 2010

Growing up...

Now is that time, when you're halfway through raising a pup, that you evaluate behavior, training and just overall personality.
Vance is unique as is any of the dogs we raise. He is more skittish and doesn't have as much confidence as my other pups have had. He is super sensitive to corrections, if I over-correct him he shuts down, so that has been interesting and at times difficult to remedy.
Vance doesn't like retrieving....he refuses to do it. He is almost 14 months and just now he got the fact that when I throw a toy, he brings it back to me nicely. With all of these traits, he may not make it, but at the same time, he is still maturing and with work, we can overcome!

I'm not saying Vance is a bad puppy or won't learn, he is just sensitive and has taken a different approach to commands that most other dogs I've raised or trained. His maturing may take longer than some and that's alright. He may not know some of the commands he's supposed to know, but he is a bright pup with lots of energy and pizazz and one day he will fulfill his job whether it be working or pet.

On the upside, he is really good in public. The only thing that is a slight problem is he is so people distracted. Anyone have that problem? He acts like a total puppy if someone just looks at him. Tail starts going, butt starts wiggling, and overall hyperness. To remedy this problem, I have had him wear a Halti and it definitely helps. I like my dogs to be able to function and listen with just a regular collar and use the Halti occasionally, but with him, I need to use the Halti to help him settle down with people. It's so funny though, usually dogs are dog distracted, but with him, its people! I just get a kick out of that.

He is so good with my two cats, and that I cherish. Some of the Labs can be rough with the cats, but Vance plays nicely with them.

Some raisers know right away if they are going to keep them or not if they get released. As good as he is, I will not be keeping him if it comes to that. I have 4 other dogs I want to focus on training and get their Herding and Agility titles up, plus being a new wife, I have another person to consider.
Yet if it comes to that, I think he may go to my parents. They haven't had a dog for awhile and they seem to like Vance, plus he does really good with their chickens, which is a must.

My Vance-a-loo is a good boy and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

aw vance. silly boy! :)

4 Wheeling Princess said...

Watty uses a halti to control him better while out or around ppl. Halti helps me control where his head goes and his attention. Watty also shuts down in certain circumstances; if something scares him & I want him to do something I have to let him calm down and a little later try again, if not his lays down and has this look like i dont think so.

Kimberly and Abby said...

Oh yeah, on the people distractions. That'd be my Abby, LOL. She just adores everyone she meets. I think she thinks they are there just to admire her and pet her.