Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Holiday Season

"Shoppers rush home with their treasures..." That about sums up yesterday!
Now my shopping is all done, but my mother-in-law and I went to Palm Springs, California yesterday, to help her step dad find a gift for her mother.
Vance and I haven't been out much in the past month, so I took him, but expected him to be a bit rusty on commands and general public manners. He did wonderful! I couldn't be more pleased. I thought for sure certain things (food on the floor at Walmart, major crowds at Kohls, and noisy children bouncing balls all around him) would be distractions for him and I would need to correct him a few times, but no! He left the kids alone, was calm when petted (He is really people distracted, odd I know, but he gets so excited if a person even looks at him) and was calm around my Mother-in law's elderly mom and step dad. All in all, he impressed me tremendously and he may be maturing yet!
This weekend is Christmas and since I am unable to go home for Christmas, we are spending it with Adam's cousins. I thought about bringing Vance but I found out that the cousins kids are really allergic to animals and have lots of allergies, so Vance-a-loo has to stay home this weekend :(

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and I hope all of you are able to spend it with family and friends and those you love.

Merry Christmas!
from the Williams

Adam, Sarah, Tara, Annie, Sammy, JD, Vance, Kansas and Parker

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Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Sounds like a great shopping day!
I love it when my pup does wonderful in town!
Congrats to Vance :)

Rudy's Raiser