Monday, August 15, 2011

Too long

Alright, It didn't need to be said but it has been awhile since I have gotten on. It hasn't been years or anything but these last 5 months or so has changed my life so needless to say, I didn't have time for blogging.

I thought about getting everyone caught up, but the posts upon posts needed to do that overwhelmed me and then I didn't feel like getting on (note to self: do NOT get behind on posting)

Most of you are my friends on Facebook so you kind of know whats going on (If your not, add me! link on the right :) but those of you that don't, we had career changes, dog changes, living changes, and much more!

I am going to try to get stuff summed up, but don't expect individual post on each thing. I am only one person and my hair will fall out if I take that on.

Brief run down: Adam started new job in Flagstaff, Az. I have been living in Iowa for the past 5 months waiting for a house (to rent) and also making sure he wanted to stay at the job, liked it, they liked him, etc... I took 4 of the dogs up here with me, and he kept 1. I had Tara, Annie, JD and Vance and he had Sammy.

Most of you know, Sammy is no longer with us. He broke his leg last month and when we took him in, we thought it would be a simple surgery and we would be good to go. False. He had bone cancer and it was so far along, that he was given a month to live. I was in shock. I didn't know how to take it. Do I blame myself for not knowing? Do I blame the dog for not showing signs sooner (acting like his cheery ol self and never gave any indication) It was hard for me since I couldn't be there and hard for Adam because he had to be the one to take him in.

Months before, I adopted another Greyhound (actually got him mostly for Sammy to have a playmate) Even though him and Sammy will never meet, I am lucky to have him. Reminds me so much of Sammy in so many ways (found out they have the same Grandpa :) We named him Hermes and He can't wait to head out to Arizona either.

Annie, my Aussie, decided after months of speculation she wants to stay on the farm. My parents needed a dog and Annie loved them to pieces. She is so happy out here :)

Vance is still with me, but with this whole process, he hasn't been out as much as I liked. Some months were better as I worked part time up here and he got to come to work with me. His turn in date is sometime in the fall but when we finally head out to Arizona, he will be staying with
puppy raiser Lisa and she will turn him in for us. It's a hard decision, but with the new move and me trying to find a job, I most likely will not be able to come back for awhile. I still have him for 3 weeks though, going to cherish though, one lick and wiggle at a time.

So I will have 3 dogs. It has been years since I have been down to this number but that way I can focus on my marriage, my house, my soon to be job, and everything in between.

So...I will try and update on here as much as possible, with some pics too. But for more up to date info. add me as a friend on Facebook :)



Erin and Co. said...

Hello! It has been too long, forgot you even had a blog! Good luck to Vance! Congrats on the new Greyhound, sorry to hear about Sammy :(( and hugs to the other..3? And the kitties :)

Lisa, Ellie and Clara said...

FYI on your list of Vance's littermates - Schriever was released for health reasons and Riley was released for temperament.