Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Iowa Trip Part 2

During our week long stay, both of us were out and about every day. From visiting friends, to old co-workers, to family and then various events, Vance got much needed socialization.

One place that he has never been and is always a great place to go is Cabela's. I met my sister and her family and my parents and I went.

They have a two level store, with the top level having a cafe and unique accessories (such as bathroom and room decor, candles, home furnishings, things like that)
He were up and down quite a bit so Vance got a good work out on going up and down the stairs, nice and slow. The above pic looks like he's way ahead of me, but really, I put the camera over his head to show you the amount of stairs. That isn't all of them either, we had already gone up a few, but didn't have the camera out yet.

My dad had gotten a big gift certificate to Cabela's as part of his Christmas bonus, so he took his time spending it. Shoes were a must, so we spent some time there and Vance just layed there, watching my nieces and their antics.

My nieces were also a big help with helping me train Vance. We would set up situations where Vance might be tempted or whatnot and of course, he passed.
They also liked to pose with him. Here they are in an ice house they had set up. I have all kinds of pics, but this one was really cute :)

I have never had a dog who was scared of statues and such, but I wanted to be sure Vance wasn't going to because they can be spooked by some of the oddest thing. He didn't even care there were beasts on the fake mountain in the store. He just posed and was hoping someone passing by would sneak a pet to him (people are his weakness)

Also, the heights of being on the second level didn't bother him either. He could walk right along side the railing and could care less, that's a plus! I thought he might be affected, but he continued to surprise me :)

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Lisa, Ellie and Clara said...

I just noticed - is that a pink GL? OH MY!!! No wonder he had such feminine tendencies!