Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretty Blah

Sorry guys, that my posts have been kind of lame with no photos, especially photos.

That will chance once my computer gets up and running (I write these when a computer becomes available at various places)

Today officially marks my 12th week pregnant. I am starting to show a little bit and am always bloated, but the morning sickness has mostly passed (with a wave every now and then). I can't wait till the appointment that tells us what we are having! We have not prepared in the least bit. We have no clothes, or supplies, or even the easy stuff like bottles and pacifiers. I just feel like until we know what we're having, everything is so gender focused that I don't want to buy stuff and have it not be quite the right theme. It also doesnt help that this is our first so there are no hand-me-downs or other supplies. The first one may truly be the most expensive, in the fact that you start from scratch.

Other than that, it is pretty calm. I do want to raise a pup soon but I am having a hard time convincing Adam this. I know it would be okay, but he is focused on the time and money and hassle of it. Men...lol! So I am slowly and gently working on this topic with him, hopefully he will come around, especially by the time a litter of Goldens become available :):):):):):)


Lisa and pups said...

Golden! HA. You obviously haven't officially met Crazy Kangaroo Clara! All these people told me Golden's were calm and mellow. She's quite a handful and makes my labs look genteel and rather lifeless! he he - we love her though!

Congrats on the blahs... It will get very crazy there soon enough!

Kimberly and Abby said...

It sounds like you are feeling much better. Here's hoping the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!