Friday, August 24, 2012

Scrapbook? Finally!!

As most of you know, my second pup, Doniphan, graduated as a Guide dog a few months back.

I always like to give the new partners a scrapbook of memories and photos from when I had the pup. Doniphan's partner didn't get one when he graduated because I was not able to go to the graduation and also because it wasn't done yet (oops!) I wrote him a letter so his partner could get a feel for how he was in training and all that good stuff, but no scrapbook.

As of today, I am so very close to finishing it! I haven't scrapbooked in awhile and I was scavenging around for all the supplies. Somehow most got up and walked away :( After a quick trip to the store, I was back in action!

In a nutshell, his scrapbook is almost complete and then I will send it off to him. I am excited for him to see it. He and Doniphan are such a good team together, I couldn't be prouder!

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Lisa and pups said...

He's so excited to see it. During the grad panel at PUPS days, he announced to everyone you were working on it and he was so excited to see it. :) No pressure! ha ha