Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is in the Air!

I love this time of year! Probably because it's much closer to winter/Christmas :)

I bought 3 scarecrows and put them on the deck to start decorating for fall/Halloween. We live in an area, sadly, that has no maple trees or any of the kinds that produce colorful leaves. All we have is pine, but we make the best of it here.
One place I miss that has the most beautiful colors is Wisconsin along the Mississippi. We would go there almost every year around this time and I enjoyed it so much! All the apples, the leaves, the Autumn smells :) It warmed the heart.

On a different note, I bought a bunch of baby clothes today. Some were new, but most are used. I even bought a Santa suit for $2! It is soo cute! I can't wait for that time to dress her in it and take pictures :)

I used to hate writing posts without pictures, but without raising a puppy, life is pretty dull around here. Everything I could take pictures of, I have before. I'll just have to wait for Ava to come, then I'll have lots to update on.

Sorry if this was a random, rambling post. I just don't want to get on that track of not updating for months at a time. Take care everyone!

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Carlin said...

Buying baby clothes is so fun! And it's strange how attached I got to them and just couldn't let them go, even after knowing that I would never have another use for them. They were my baby's! I did keep the most special ones. They are hanging in my closet. I wish I was a really good quilter or something so I could have made them into a blanket or something.