Thursday, September 13, 2012

32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant...Am I Done Yet?

At this point, all I have to ask I done yet? :) every day has a new set of problems, I feel like my stomach is in my throat, and the various pains as well as breathing issues have me thinking of robbing an elderly person's oxygen tank.
Only 8 more weeks. Seems like a short time, but the days drag on now. I am still working full time and even though my duties are lighter and easier on me, it still takes a lot out of me on a daily basis, not going to lie. 
Ava's "area" so to speak, is a complete mess. Clothes, baby stuff, etc... just thrown about. I need to locate a dresser than it can be more organized, but I have hit a wall until that happens.

My Mom is planning to be here, from Iowa, starting 2 weeks before my due date to help get stuff done and ready (even some of the deep cleaning around the house that I am procrastinating on). She will stay roughly a month so that will be nice to have that help. 

On a daily basis, I do tidying after work and do deep cleaning on my days off. Right now our mower is broke and our yard is now a hayfield. Our landlord supplied the mower, so they said they would get it fixed, but the grass isn't stopping any time soon and it's still broke :( That's frustrating, especially when I am OCD about my yard.

Between the dogs, chickens, housework, job, Adam, and countless stuff, I am always moving and going!
Let me tell you, even though the baby will be time consuming, I am sooo looking forward to my maternity leave. It isn't paid, unfortunately, but having 12 weeks off will be soo nice. I will enjoy it!

Sorry this post was more of an unhappy one, but just needed to write it down. Now I am off to head outside to get some fresh air and start weed wacking the yard in spots and around the house and garage.

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