Thursday, October 04, 2012

Another Puppy Raiser!

So I found out about this awhile ago and totally forgot to share my findings on here.
The shelter I work at, hired a new adoption counselor and she does great! She seemed to fit right in, eager to learn, and to get animals placed.

I was talking to her, just to know her as a co-worker, and I noticed the slightest thing. Yes, other people wouldn't think anything of it, but being a PR, I notice things :). She had a CCI tote that she brought to work everyday. I asked her about it and sure enough, she was a first time puppy raiser from CCI and she just turned her pup in! Although she then said that the pup was being released from major distractions and apparently pulled away from the trainer and jumped in a pond :( That's always sad to hear because as most of you know, you want your pup to be successful. She said she wants the dog back, but her and her ex-boyfriend (also a PR) both want the dog.

So at least there's someone around who understands the whole "Puppy Raiser" thing and I don't have to explain all the little things to :)

Random post, but I was excited! :) :) :)