Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Doing it!

Oh yeah! I've thought about it and what the heck! Why not? I want to start raising again!

It seems like forever, but it has really only been under two years. After doing it almost back to back (with a break in between 1 and 2 to work at the school itself) I feel like it's time to get back in the game.

I have contacted the Puppy Raiser Coordinator at KSDS to let her know about my decision, but so far no word yet. Of course I would love it to be sooner than later, but the right pup will come to me :) Hopefully I will at least get a call by this summer. Potty training a pup in winter is of course doable, but not fun. :)

Now my next order of business is trying to visit everyone's blogs and get caught up! Some of you have possibly raised several since I checked in with you. You lucky ducks, you! :)

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Ally and Eclipse said...

Me too! As long as some things fall into place this week I'm requesting a poodle puppy be sent to us from our organization! Why not is right!