Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Opinions Needed!!!

I have put a lot of thought into this (believe me, staying at home all day, every day makes you think) and even though my mind is mostly made up, I wouldn't mind hearing what all of you have to say.

I have a now 3 month old at home (all of you know this by now). I am down to 3 dogs and even though that may sound overwhelming to some, I am actually bored. After the grooming, bit of training and cleaning that takes place during the week, I am still left with lots of time.

I am considering raising again. Again, I have mulled this over; dang near thought of every scenario possible.
My only, pretty much ONLY thing I would need to work around is the fact that I am 30 miles from town without a car. Meaning socializing will be tricky and will need to be planned ( no trips to the park or the store for the heck of it) Upside to that, though, is I am within walking distance to this town's steakhouse, general store, and campground (complete with petting zoo) This is a very, VERY small town (about 50 or so of us here) so I'm sure people would get to know me fast and other opportunities would arise. Such as walking over to see the horses, or play with neighbor dogs, or have other kids around.

Most people would say that I would need to wait, but for those of you that know me, know that I usually can handle this stuff. When I had 6 dogs, I will admit I was getting too much on my plate, but still made time for what needed to be done with them. Tara, I hate to say it is slowing down. I hope I'm wrong but she may not be with us much longer. Doesn't act like it, but it shows slightly.

So my question for you is not if I can do it, but if there are things I may not have thought about; Possible scenarios to consider.
Have any of you raised a pup or even a keeper dog with a small child?
Let me know thoughts!
I said I wanted a Golden, not a Lab. Maybe that will help :)

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Coreena said...

I say do it! Things do get tougher on the young child front when they become mobile and are on solid food but not enough to make raising impossible or too difficult!