Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ava and the Dogs, Good and Bad

A fellow blogger asked how Ava and the dogs are doing together.

Fantastic! Now don't get me wrong, I never leave her on the floor with them roaming around if I need to do some things outside. I either put her up, put them behind a baby gate or both. No matter how used to babies and kids animals are, ya just never know sometimes.

At first they were your typical interested. Tara would look up every time she squeaked, Hermes perked his ears up and JD would get up, look and lay down again. Although I am sad to announce, Anubis wasn't that great.
He was fixated on her, at first I expected it. A new baby, new smells, new sounds. I would be worried if the dogs weren't interested. As a few days went on the others were fine, yet Anubis continued to be the same. Maybe he took more time, not sure. Days, weeks went on...It got worse. He was so focused on her, he wouldn't pay attention to his surroundings. He would almost fall on Tara, not paying attention where he was going, she would have none of that.  He also got very, very skittish; very nervous. I think Ava was something he just was not comfortable with and the stress was almost unbearable for him. I am all about training, but I WILL NOT put Ava at risk for the sake of training. I have to draw the line.
I contacted the Greyhound agency we adopted him from and talked to them about re-homing him. I felt so relieved after I made that call, the stress was getting to me and that didn't help matters.

So he is hopefully in a new home without small kids. I am so glad they understood. In fact, they said so many people were interested in him, so finding a home wouldn't be an issue.

So now we are back to a three dog household. Now my only worries are JD and his excitability! He doesn't mean too, but I worry he might run into her or knock her over when she gets older. He gets excited about squeaky toys and balls. There are some days, he spends outside to burn off his energy and  craziness so to speak. Plus we are in an all-wood floored house so its slippery and he likes to slide. Again, I can work around that, his attitude is just happy-go-lucky :)

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4 Wheeling Princess said...

glad the dogs are doing well with her but sorry to hear about the greyhound