Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ava is Here! Actually It's Been Awhile...

Whoa! One would think staying home all day taking care of a baby would provide lots of time. Hmm....not quite!
If any of you are on Facebook, you know that Ava came is is doing well, with frequent photo downloads of her. Facebook is so much easier and quicker that doing it on here. I know Blogger has a mobile option but I haven't tried it yet (opinions: Does it work good? Easy to post, upload, update?)

Ava had her first set of holidays. Although I hate myself for not getting a "first Thanksgiving" photo. She had an adorable turkey outfit :)

Christmas I got multiple Christmas outfits to make up for it. She was almost 5 weeks at Christmas.
Below is Ava and Mommy. Her boots were so big looking, but since they were baby Ugg type boots, it was supposed to be that way. They are just too cute!

Included in family Christmas cards was the Santa photo. Before she was even born, I found this adorable outfit at a garage sale for $2! Plus, if we have a boy next around the same holiday time, it will work for him too! Garage sales were my friends during the past summer. I got so many baby things, it was nice. It was overwhelming financially to have to buy everything brand new, so it helped a lot to get second-hand items.

Another Christmas celebration :) although in this picture, she was getting fussy so I caught on of those happy but mad faces lol! She makes those a lot, just isn't sure what to do!

I have a few shots of this one, I call it "tired baby bunny"  I have a better one that was on my phone, but you get the idea. I'll be honest, I was never into cute clothes or fashion much, but dressing her in cute things? So much fun! Yet I rather kind of hope she will turn into a tomboy, like I was.

She LOVES her play mat! hanging over her is various toys she can grab at and down by her feet, is a piano that when she kicks it, will play music. Plus is is a three stage, so it grown with her. Ganny (Grandma) got it for her  for Christmas :)

 For my baby shower, I got this amazing shirt that is personalized with her full name! It is so precious and I am going to keep it in her scrapbook after she grows out of it. Here she is 10 weeks and I kept forgetting to have her wear it till about a week or so ago. I just didn't want to get it all yucky after continuous use. A few times shouldn't hurt, right?

So since I know most of you don't want to read a long boring post about me trying to catch up and such so there ya go! Short and sweet....literally lol!

Yet just to touch base on the day of labor though, wow....I have never experienced such pain in my life. I asked for an epidural and it worked fine....for awhile. As the pain got more intense, they increased it and I waited....and waited...but no relief, only got worse. The doctor even asked (she tried to talk quietly to the nurses, but I heard her) if he did anything or came in at all.
Long story short, I had to practically do it naturally and since I wasnt at all prepared for such horrible pain, I almost passed out. Never have in my life, but I know I came close. After she was out, it is rather fuzzy. Ava had to be taken to NICU for several reasons and I was past exhauston, didn't open my eyes for hours after, I was that exhausted. I remember the nurses telling me to open them, but I couldnt for awhile, too much work for even the simplest of abilities.

So after all that, I am still recovering physically from that day. Ava was released several days later and here we are!

Hopefully this wasn't too short! A lot has gone on, but like I said, its just to much to get caught up on and to have to write loooooooong posts.

I will update more often now that I'm caught up :)

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4 Wheeling Princess said...

cute pics! how are the dogs doing with her