Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Plans

So my due date has come and gone and still no Ava :(

I haven't been online too much because my mom came out three weeks ago from Iowa (In case I was early) and we have been doing non-stop cleaning and organizing and even painting! The last few months I slacked off from cleaning because of hectic work schedule and because of how big and fat I felt!

Tomorrow is the BIG day though! I am 41.5 weeks and will be getting induced tomorrow morning. I have done so much more than just simple walking and if none of that worked, I don't think she would have come before 42 weeks anyway, so the doctor, just to play it safe, wanted to induce tomorrow.
I had a doctor appt. Tuesday and was hooked up to everything under the sun and everything is reading perfectly fine. So I guess Ava just wasn't done cooking :)

I will be REAL busy next few days so no updating, but check Facebook for little updates here and there.

Next time I write, little miss Ava Shelby Williams will be here :)

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4 Wheeling Princess said...

can't wait to meet miss ava! maybe if vance graduates w my class we can meet her :)