Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Week Over Yet? Venting and Other News

Ugh...This week has not been a very good one in my book.

Monday, a plumber came out and worked on pumping the 6+'' that was under the house. The water heater is down there and the water line was right at the base of the heater. After working on that, mudd was everywhere from tracking it from under the house. Our septic system last weekend overflowed and came up through toilets, showers and almost the sink  so after getting that under control, turns out it needs a lot of repair. It still is overflowing but in a manageable area. The plumber cant do anything until the ground water and water level is reduced. That's a major problem as to why it started in the first place.
Needless to say, I am so glad its a rental! There are a number of things that need repair due to neglect or not servicing (whole other story)

Yesterday, I kind of had a depression sort of day. Just didnt feel good about myself. I want to loose weight (I want it to magically fall off too), I want to start projects, I want money to be able to do them, etc...

Today I think I'm getting sick. My throat is scratchy, my sinuses are stuffy, I keep sneezing, etc...
I have a gazillion things I need to do and each one seems to need a day at least to get done.

Who knows what the next two days will bring. This Friday is my birthday and I am celebrating it on Saturday with friends. Hopefully I will feel better by then (both mentally and physically)

Sorry guys, I just needed to get it all out! Ava isn't much for conversation and the dogs just look at you funny and want food. I NEED MAGIC ENERGY DUST!!!

As far as puppy news goes, nothing yet. Usually KSDS sends out a letter saying we have a pup for you. We get told individually before then (or asked) and it really isn't official until the letter comes. Funny...this whole dog raising process begins and ends with letters. :)

OH HEY!!! Not sure if I stated this but the whole reason why I am heading to the school in the first place is because VANCE IS GRADUATING!!! Not official yet, but the trainer let me know he is slotted for this class.
I will be able to meet him again and meet his partner and I will also be able to meet Doni's partner! They have been working for over a year and haven't met him yet! So I have a double whammy planned!

Onward to scrapbooking!!!


Carlin Smith said...

Congratulations on Vance! Isn't it funny how much those letters mean? The first one you can't wait for, you dread the 2nd one. I about have a heart attack every time something from KSDS shows up in my mailbox! I'm sorry you're having a rough week!
Take care of yourself, it's okay for a mommy to need a break.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Jenna, Congrats on Vance graduating!! I plan on being at Grad to support you, him and his new partner! See you there!