Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past weekend, we didn't do a whole lot for Easter, but we had some great family time which is what really counts.

Saturday, we headed to Sedona, AZ for the day. We originally were going to attend the egg hunt in the morning, but when the time came around to wake up, all of us were still tired and sleepy. Ava was super tired so I let her sleep in (till almost 10:30! what a bum lol). I dressed her in some fun clothes and we took pictures of her in her bunny ears. She just sat on the couch and smiled :) She turned 5 months old on Saturday! I can't believe it, too much time has passed, REVERSE!

Peace sign lol either that or I have a smoker :)

After our mini photo shoot, we headed on over to Sedona. I had a few errands to run, including the grocery store. When I came out, I glanced over to the McDonald's next door and noticed it had a mint green arch instead of the traditional yellow one. Apparently, This is the only place in the world that has a green arch. Something about the yellow clashed with the natural scenery and color so the deal was they had to change it.
Sedona, AZ McDonald's
After the errands, we cruised around a bit. We were going to go hiking, but forgot the baby backpack and only had a stroller (which is not off-road friendly). The was a thrift store I wanted to go to so we did that instead. Found an awesome picture there, so when I go back, I hope its still there :)

Sunday was of course, Easter. All three of us headed to church to start off the day. We have been trying to find a church that fits each of us. Its hard because we each grew up in different denominations, so finding a church that ties each of our likes together, is hard. I think we found one that we each like! The nursery there is great too! Ava had a good time and loved watching the older kids crawl and walk. Now if only she can take notes from them lol!

In her Easter dress
After church, we went out to eat some lunch. We chose Sizzler's. I hadn't been there in awhile and I can just order the salad bar since we had a big dinner meal planned. It sure was good! Ava fell asleep :)

For our dinner we had ham, potatoes and gravy, and salad. We were so full, I knew I would feel the effects of the meals long into Monday. Sure enough, today I am eating light.

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and remembered what Easter was truly about.

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4 Wheeling Princess said...

your baby girl is adorable. sounds like yall had a good easter