Friday, April 19, 2013

Vance Graduation

Friday night was amazing! I met Vance's partner John and his wife Pam. I shared as many stories as I could remember about Vance (after driving 18 hours straight, no sleep, I was a bit forget full :) ) and also gave them my scrapbook I made of Vance. Lisa ( of Clara and Merlot fame ) also gave some of her memories to them of her time spent pup sitting for several months. She couldn't actually be there but was there in spirit :)
Saturday morning came and I presented the team of John and Vance. Of course I always get nervous during public speaking but I think I did alright. It was so great to see Vance working; I think sometimes he may have gotten a little distracted but there was so much going on, hard not to!
I also saw friends I hadn't seen in over three years and some I met for the first time!  Overall it was an awesome day and can't wait to see and hear how Vance does in the coming years :)

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