Friday, April 12, 2013

Puppy Raiser Dinner Tonight

The drive from AZ to KS is a bit rough if you drive straight through like we did. I did most of the driving because I wasn't tired, but in the early morning, sleep was starting to creep in. Ava did really well! I was impressed! Now on our way back, that may be a different story. It will be just her and me so it may take us a week to get home with all the stops! :)

As of now, we are wasting time shopping just south of KSDS. We will check into our motel room a little after noon and boy I cannot wait to take a nap!
Tonight will be the time puppy raisers get to meet the teams and chat, give them mementos (his scrapbook, collar, etc..) and have a dinner together. I'm nervous just because you never know if they are the kind of people that love to stay in contact with puppyraisers or say "hi" and be done with all communication. Cobra and Doniphans partners have stayed in contact with me so I am hopeful!
Saturday will then be the graduation ceremony in which everyone, public also, is invited to attend. This whole trip is a double whammy for me because I have not met Doniphans partner in person. I was unable to attend the graduation ceremony for them so they are coming Saturday to meet me and say "hi". Can one get so lucky? Overall excitement here :)

I also have MANY pictures of Vance's scrapbook (yes, I finished it finally!) But I will post one of my favorite pages!

Pictures and summary to follow later!

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