Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Outing

Romeo did excellent on his first outing! More so than any other pups I've had.
We did so many errands that day too; he was a champ through it all and had no problems (no accidents, thank goodness) and listened and watched me quite well.


We headed to Walmart and got cards for Father's day. Since it was the day before, EVERYONE was there in the tiny section. It was chaos trying to look at and choose cards. Finally, it cleared out and Romeo just sat there so patiently. 

We then headed to the true test, the dog food aisle. Usually that's a temptation for any dog, trying to sneak a quick sniff. I believe that's all he did. For a four month old pup, not bad!

You would think trying to go to a store with a 7 month old, a puppy, and trying to teach and look after both would be hard. Actually, it is fairly easy with us. Maybe it wont be when Ava starts walking but we will cross that bridge when it gets there :)

We finished up at Walmart and went to about 5 other stores. He did FANTASTIC in all of them!

It's the little things that show me he is going to be a great pup and an even better assistance dog!

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