Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun, Fun Day

We had a day of overall fun!
I again, had errands to do, but in between, Romeo got to have fun!

Okay, he might not have thought this was fun, but I have wanted to get his picture above downtown Flagstaff for awhile. I headed up the hill to Lowell Observatory (they discovered Pluto and are still fighting for it)
and right outside of their facility is an awesome lookout area.

Black Lab in blue vest sitting on rocky ledge overlooking the view of downtown Flagstaff

After lunch, we headed to the dog park for Romeo's first visit. Wouldn't ya know, no one was there :(
While we waited, We walked over to the newly constructed mini Agility area.
I am thinking about training Romeo to compete in Agility. Since that's what I do anyway, and am putting my course together again, seems fitting.

He did great! A little unsure sometimes, but it was his first time being on an elevated surface like that so props to him!

"Look Ma! No hands!"  Black Lab sitting awkwardly on Blue A-frame

Black Lab sitting on long, blue plank known as the dogwalk. Staring off at something in the distance.

Black Lab sitting in the middle of the course, right ear thrown back, tongue out.

"Pine cone Anyone?" Black Lab sitting under picnic table with pine cone in his mouth


After our fun at the dog park, ALONE (no one ever came) We headed to Walmart to get some baby supplies for Ava. He does so good being next to the cart, not phased at all by it.

 After everything was done in the store, we then headed to the other dog park in town. I wanted Romeo to play with other dogs, since Ive noticed big dogs scare him a bit. There were many big dogs there, and as usual, he slowly approached them and was submissive towards them. He didn't play at all really.
I was going to call it a day, knowing what I need to work on, but just then a little Jack Russell mix came in.

He was the same age as Romeo, but smaller of course, and sure enough, Romeo took to him right away.
Apparently their dog is really shy, and refuses to play. They have been there almost everyday since they got him a month ago and nothing.

Wouldn't you know it, the dog and Romeo took to playing! The owners were so impressed! They kept taking pics, and saying they just couldn't believe it!

Here they are playing with a stick, black lab and white, small dog.

Prancing Romeo! He is in a prance stance while small, white dog is under him play bowing.

All in all, Romeo had a great day with lots of things to do and see, and lots of friends to play with :)

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Lisa and pups said...

Sounds like fun.

BTW - Godiva is a breeder candidate too and is a FBL. Cupid is a MBL. :)