Friday, October 12, 2007


Wow!! what a busy week. Sorry I didn't write sooner, but the truth is, I couldn't because of my job.
I worked all week today and I had to open (meaning I had to be at work at 7) and I even closed sometimes (9)
It's all a great learning experience and I practically have cashiering down. I've done tax exempts, special orders, Yard purchases (cattle pens, feeders, kennels, things like that), returns and other things. I mean, I pretty much have it all down pat. Occasionally I might have a problem, buts its nothing major.
OK, so at TSC, we have to ask for our customer phone #'s because that lets the cooperate offices now where our customers are coming from (if they need to expand their ad circular or build new stores, things like that) I get the funniest looks from the older men and some of them joke about "well aren't you a little young for me?" and things like that. It's all fun and games and we have a good laugh. One guy even wanted to know if I wanted his wife's schedule. Funny, Funny :)
Yep, It is definitely an experience and a good one at that. Sure its not perfect, but its a good store to start out in the workforce.

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Kimberly & Rufus said...

Sounds like work has kept you very busy, but you have the hang of it and are enjoying it. That's great! :-)