Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Saturday, my family all went up to my sisters in Hayfield, Minnesota to celebrate our Thanksgiving here. That's where I'm writing this update, on my NEW computer, in her house while watching Home Alone. Anyway, I had all my family (5 siblings,their spouses, and kids) up here and I've never eaten soo much in my life!! Cobra didn't really get to celebrate with us, because my sister is allergic to dander so he was downstairs.

So I got to show off my computer to my brothers (they were all fighting over who got to use it first) and all in all had a good belated Thanksgiving.

This morning is when the worst kicked in. My sister was pregnant with her 4th (my 11th niece or nephew) and this morning they rushed her to the hospital because she was having a miscarriage. She's still there now and we haven't heard any news yet. This is her second miscarriage, but I know she's going to be depressed for awhile. She really wanted another child and as she gets older (shes 39) it's going to get harder. So yeah, my mom and I are watching the girls until Steve (brother-in-law) and Salena get back from the hospital.

Meanwhile, I'll be heading off to the local Doggie wash in Blooming Prairie (10 minutes away)
Basically its like a car wash for dogs. You pay 5 dollars for 8 minutes of wash time. Its all set up. The tub, dryer and everything. I really am excited to use it. Tara and Annie need a bath so we'll see how it goes.
Right now, Tara, Annie, Cobra, Molly and Maggie are all outside playing. Molly and Maggie are my nieces pups. Maggie is 10 months and molly is 6 months. they are just outside farm dogs, but are so cute and funny! I really wish I brought my camera, but I forgot at the last minute! Can you believe it!?
Alright, hope everyone had a good weekend!


Runza said...

I'm SO sorry to hear about your sister's miscarriage. How disheartening.

I'm glad it was a good celebration otherwise! I love those puppy washes!

FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Praying! Any more news??

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Oh no! I hope your sister is going to be okay. Sounds like a fun weekend otherwise.