Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh The Weekend

So sorry I didn't post this sooner, but Blogger was giving me some trouble uploading things.
This past weekend was a very interesting one for both me and Mosier.
Saturday, we headed up to Nebraska, with a co-worker, and'll never believe it!...........a tattoo!! It's my third and my co-workers 1st so it was exciting for her a bit more than me :) Mosier was excellent! When we walked in, the artists were a bit leery of letting him in, but once I explained it to them, they were fine with it.

As for what I got permanently stamped on my body,I got a cross on my right, upper shoulder. It only took about an hour and a half which wasn't bad. He did an awesome job on it!

Mosier did a bit of tattoo shopping as well. He picked out this big dragon that would take up the whole back of a person. He likes to go big apparently :)

There was this one tattoo artist that was in love, and I mean, in LOVE, with Mosier!! He wanted to take him home so that he could play with his other two dogs. He was nice and all and really understanding of access and such.

As with most places such as this, they give out free advertising things such as pens, stickers, buttons, things like that. They had some interesting little pins and stickers, so I thought I would put a pin on Mosier's cape! He was free advertising :) Mosier also liked the stickers and as you can see below, he was quite proud of it :)

Here we are, after all the pain and torment (just kidding! It wasn't bad) in front of the store.

It was a really good day, and it was awesome exposure for Mosier. All the buzzing of the machines, and the smell of the cleaners didn't bother him a bit! He also didn't pay any attention to all the customers walking by the store or coming in.

On Sunday, There was a K-State Basketball game and I was contemplating taking Mosier but didn't know how the seating was or if would be really packed, so He got left at home :( After arriving, I realized there would have been room, but it was one of those things that you don't know until you get there. It was a good day for me anyway! K-State won by a landslide and it was neat considering it was my first college basketball game I've ever been to.


Kimberly and Rufus said...

You are braver then me. I could never get a tattoo. Glad the noise and smells didn't phase Mosier.

Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

Good boy Moiser!!! I'm sure you are enjoying PRing again? lol

Miriam said...

Yay! I LOVE updates, and pictures!! :D
I'm most obliged to you, Sarah. :)

Emily and the Labradors said...

I think Mosier would look great with a back piece... I doubt Miriam would mind if you let him go for it...