Friday, January 22, 2010

Goodbye Doni :(

I headed out of work around noon on that Thursday and was tying to get ready......yet the weather disagreed. We had a major storm pop up that afternoon and it got soo bad that they closed several main roads to get out of town because of all the drifting, so I was stuck until morning. My boyfriend was planning on coming to, but the road from his house to mine was impassable, they shut it down completely, so we both were ready around 6 in the morning and he tried to get through, but they wouldn't let him through until 10 :(

So we were on the road and making the 8 hour trek down to Manhattan, Kansas to attend Miriam's wedding :) It was a wonderful ceremony, sorry I don't have pics up, but there were too many people around us, couldn't get a good shot. Doni sighed, somewhat heavily a few times, I think he wanted the ceremony to stop or something, lol, thankfully no one took him seriously.

After the wedding, Adam needed a few things so we shopped around a bit and then headed up to Washington, Kansas the home of KSDS, Inc.
We stayed at a former co-workers house overnight and the next morning......was the BIG day

We arrived at the school around 11 in the morning. We walked in the doors and I gotta admit, Doni was acting out a bit, but maybe that means that he was really comfortable in that environment. I also like to think he remembers it from when I worked there and he got to go to work with me, could be wishful thinking though :)

After all the paperwork was exchanged, the Puppy Raiser Coordinator took Doni's leash and they walked next door and went inside......She came back with an empty collar and a limp dangling leash attached to it. His time has come and even though I didn't have him long, he still was in my care and I finished raising him the best I could.

Goodbye Doni, be good, and please don't show your other litter mates how to throw those wild parties I know went on when I wasn't home. Love you buddy :)


Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Awe, how heartwarming!
Good luck Doni, we'll miss you!

Toby's Raiser
SEGDI Raiser

Kimberly and Rufus said...

It sounds like Doni was ready for the next stage of his training. I'm sure he will make you proud, whatever path he chooses.

MySpecialDoggies said...

Good luck Doni!
Best wishes from Nadine, rescue doggie Apples & golden Neeli