Friday, January 08, 2010

Last Day on the Job

Okay I know I left ya guys hanging so I will get you quickly caught up in the next few days, I promise :)

Doniphan's last day of work was on the 7th of January and he did great! He was a bit pouty because I told him that he had to wear a Halti for a few days. He wasn't impressed, lol! You can see that in the video, oh well, he does good without one, but I wanted him to get accustomed to it, just in case he needs one later on.

We only worked for 4 hours that day so I could pack and get ready for the trip, but I kind of let Doni Goof around a little more :) Shh!!! You didn't hear anything ;)

He said his goodbyes to everyone and they all wished him well :)

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